- Affiliate Program

When do I receive my commissions?

Commissions are paid on the 10th to 15th of each month form the month prior to allow for refunds.

You must have $50 in EARNED commissions ($10 sign up bonus does not count towards this figure) to receive a payout.

From the 1st to the 10th, the current months commissions earned will show in your "Pending Approval" section, until the prior month's payments are paid.

What is against your rules when marketing FollowAdder?

The following will cause an affiliate account to be suspended or cancelled:

1. Using our domain or in the display url of any Pay Per Click advertising.

2. Using followadder within your domain to promote us. ie

3. Competing against us in Pay Per Click marketing for our keyword "followadder" or " follow adder". We dont agree with this philosophy of paying a commission when the potential client is already searching for us.

Can I purchase using my affiliate link for a discount?

No. Our affiliate program is not a discount program. We will however trade in earned referral commissions towards a license if you so choose.

If someone in my traffic log, bookmarks your site and a week later come back, as I did, to purchase the service, do I get credit?

Your click is tracked for 90 days. If the visitor returns to purchase with 90 days, you will receive credit for the transaction. This is as long as you are the last affiliate link clicked prior to the sale.

I am not a US citizen, what do I enter in the Tax Field?

You can enter NA or Not Applicable in the tax field if you are not a United States citizen.

What is the commission structure and %?

We pay 50% on going commissions on all sales you refer on a recurring basis as long as the subscription is active and paying.

When do I see my conversions?

The system will credit your affiliate account once an actual charge is made. We have a free trial in place to offer the client time to decide to continue with the purchase. You will not see these free trials, so there will be a delay in the actual date you send vs the date you see a conversion after they are done with the trial.

How much do I receive if I refer another affiliate?

You will be paid 5% of any referred affiliates EARNED commissions.