Get more Instagram followers in 2022, quickly and easily, with Followadder Instagram Software!

Get real Organic Instagram Followers

Get More Real Instagram Followers in 2022

We provide a software program, or bot, that replicates an Instagram user’s keystrokes to perform mundane Instagram tasks over and over again as a macro to replicate keystrokes.

This automates the Instagram process of gaining real followers by following and unfollowing Instagram accounts, auto commenting, and auto unfollowing.

No fake results. No bot instagram accounts.
Get Real Instagram follower growth with SMART software keystroke automation.

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How does the FollowAdder Instagram Software Work?

Followadder is a Mac and Windows desktop application and needs to be running at all times to work in automation mode. The program will duplicate actions through replicating instagram keystrokes you set it to perform. By using our software, you can quickly and easily get more followers on Instagram without having to do any of the tedious work yourself!


App to Get Real Instagram Followers, Real Photo Likes and Comments, Schedule Posts,and Hashtag Targeting

Powerful Profile Targeting Features

Instagram profiles, followers, people they follow, those who liked their photos or commented on them - all this becomes possible with our targeting features. You can also search by hashtags, keywords, or location. And there's no need to worry about private profiles without a profile pic - we'll ignore them! Once you've found the perfect target audience for your needs, you can create custom lists of results or export everything to a CSV file.

Automated Instagram Follower and Unfollower

Benefit from more targeted followers who are interested in your content, and get rid of any dead weight with our Automated Instagram Follower and Unfollower! With Followadder's software, you can automatically follow users in your target audience and unfollow anyone who doesn't follow you back.

Automated Instagram Liker, Like Back, Commenter, Automated Direct Messages and Thank You Messages.

Our software will automatically like photos from users in your target audience, as well as like back any photos that they've liked from you. In addition, our software can also automatically comment on photos and send direct messages.

Scheduled Posts

With Followadder's Scheduled Posts feature, you can easily and quickly schedule your posts in advance so that you don't have to worry about manually posting them later. This is especially helpful if you're running a promotion or campaign on Instagram and need to make sure that your posts are evenly spaced out. Plus, our software makes it easy to holistically view and manage your scheduled posts.


App now available for download. Join us and make your life easy.

Instagram Profile Targeting, List Building, Export Features, and more!

Use the list building features to search and populate a list of users based on comments, or photos to perform automated actions such as photo liker, profile follower, comment liker, automated comments, automated direct message and thank you messages.


Follow Adder's Full Suite of Instagram Tools and Automation will give you full control over your Instagram Growth

  • Social Media Analysis

Harness Your Social Proof

Instagram is all about social proof. The more followers you have, the more likely people are to follow you. And the more people that follow you, the more likely people are to buy from you or use your services.

  • Business & Influencer Growth

Use Instagram to Increase Brand Awareness

Watch your Instagram following increase organically and rapidly with our software! Whether you’re an influencer, artist, model, musician, or business owner, take a load off and let us do the work as you see results like increased sales, web traffic, and brand awareness pile up.

  • Rapid Organic Instagram Growth

Rapid, Organic Instagram Growth Using Trusted Strategies and Tools

Trusted and used for organic Instagram Growth by leading brands, businesses, and Instagram influencers

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Followadder is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to get more out of their Instagram account! With our easy-to-use software, you can quickly and easily get more followers, likes, comments, and views on your photos. So what are you waiting for? Try Followadder today


$24 /monthly

  • 1 Instagram profile
  • All Instagram Growth Features
  • All Instagram Targeting Features
  • Free Updates
  • Free 24/7 Online Support
  • Cancel at anytime


$48 /monthly

  • 10 Instagram profiles
  • All Instagram Growth Features
  • All Instagram Targeting Features
  • Free Updates
  • Free 24/7 Online Support
  • Cancel at anytime


$94 /monthly

  • 25 Instagram profiles
  • All Instagram Growth Features
  • All Instagram Targeting Features
  • Free Updates
  • Free 24/7 Online Support
  • Cancel at anytime

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, FollowAdder has been extensively tested and is both effective and safe. Rather than using an online service that might get you reported for poor behavior because its services operate on their server in addition to every other client they have. You may also limit the number of activities per day and pick the optimum time of day to execute any operations. Our software will make it appear as if a genuine human is working on your profile from YOUR internet connection.

Yes, Followadder is still working in 2022! Our software is regularly updated to ensure that it continues to work effectively and efficiently. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get more followers, likes, comments, and views on your photos, try Followadder today!

When you use FollowAdder software, you are in control of your account and what actions are being taken. Additionally, all interactions come from your IP address/computer, making it appear more natural than if you were using a web app or service. With Followadder, you can be sure that you’re getting real, organic growth on your Instagram account

Although many web apps and services boast security, this is seldom the case. To understand why let’s explore the difference between web apps and services:

Web App’s and Services

  • Carry out actions on your account without you knowing what is taking place
  • Send you fake bot followers to make it appear as though you have a higher engagement/following than you do to boast their services
  • Thousands of other clients are using the same server, so any action taken via their service will be obvious to others
  • They buy reviews and send you fake followers (follower bots)

Here is an example of how the scammers at Path Social started out buying fake reviews from review sites to justify their services’ success and then sending out fake Instagram follows that are merely fake bot profiles.

FollowAdder Software

  • Runs on your computer
  • You do not give anyone else access to your logins and Instagram account. All info is stored on your machine encrypted.
  • You decide what actions to perform on your account
  • All actions come from your IP address/computer only, not shared with other clients.
  • All interactions are real, with real Instagram followers as the software is simply performing the keystrokes for you.

An Instagram Automation Tool is  software used to perform tasks that can become cumbersome when performed manually. Think of it like a macro or virtual assistant.  You tell the software what tasks you want it to perform for you on a daily basis and it will act on your behalf and wake up everyday and complete your checklist.  FollowAdder will post for you, locate and target Instagram profiles based on your specified criteria and follow, unfollow, like photos, like back photos, direct message thank yous, and much more.  This will cause profile views and potential new follows by real Instagram users.

By using our Followadder Instagram Automation App, you will see your account views multiply by getting eyes on your profile.

You should post a minimum 2 posts high quality posts per day.

Use the software to locate other Instagrammers in the same niche or interested in your niche through our powerful targeting features.

Set up the software to run on your system to then follow those profiles, and like their posts.  Most users are curious who liked them or followed them causing them to check out your profile.  If you have quality posts and profile that interests them, they will follow you in return and also like and comment on your posts.

Slow and steady wins the race.

You will immediately receive a registration code to unlock the software to begin use on your Instagram profile or profiles.

Every profile is different.  The amount of followers you receive will depend on the quality of your profile and your instagram posts.  As long as you are continuing to be active whether through scheduled posts or manual posts and targeting the right niche for your profile, you will see steady organic growth with our software.

Do not believe any company that promises a set number of followers. It simply is fake and they will just follow your profile with fake accounts that have absolutely no benefit for you whatsoever.

Yes.  We provide a link to account management where you can cancel your subscription at anytime.  Your subscription will remain active until the next billing cycle.

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