Before creating a user search, you must first create a user list for the results to be stored in. It is recommended that you organize these lists with names describing how you plan to use them, a description of the type of search you plan to use with it, or a combination of both.

User lists are used to Follow & Direct Message. They can also be used to find users who you want to use to create new searches, based on their followers, following, photos, or comments on their photos.

User keyword search only returns users containing the keyword in their username  results are limited to about 50

Photo likers searches are limited to about 120 results

To Create User Searches:

Add a search name. Choose the search type: Followers, Following, Popular Photo Commenters, Photo Likers, Photo Commenters, or Keyword.

Add your Username/ID of the profile for this search.

Choose the Destination List these search results should be added to.

Adjust your search settings.

Click Add and be sure to turn on Automation.

Alt-Click or Right-Click on your list brings you to a menu to copy parts of the list.

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