Before creating a photo search, you must first create a photo list for the results to be stored in. It is recommended that you organize these lists with names describing how you plan to use them, a description of the type of search you plan to use with it, or a combination of both.

Photo lists are used to Like & Comment. They can also be used to find users who you want to use to create new searches, based on users who have liked or commented on them, or to scrape/search their comments.

Popular photo searches - are not paginated, so they will "complete" after one search, but they can be continually searched because the results constantly change

To Create Photo Searches:

Add a specific photo search name. Choose the search type: User, Hashtag, Popular

Add your Username/ID of your profile for the search.

Choose the Destination List these search results should be added to.

Adjust your search settings.

Click Add and be sure to turn on Automation.

Alt-Click or Right-Click on your list brings you to a menu to copy parts of the list.

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