The registration tab is where you'll need to add your registration code.
Click OK and continue to the registration tab to get started.

Please Copy and Paste your Registration Code into the box that says Registration Codes to help prevent entering the code incorrectly.

Click Add Registration Code. Then you will see your code, allowed users, added users, and if your subscription is active or not.

If you need to sign up for a Follow Adder subscription, click "New Subscription" and set one up.

If you need to manage your existing, click "Manage Subscription".

Once you add your code, you'll see the following success message:

To add your Instagram username, enter the username and password, choose your registration code and then click Add User.
Again Copy and Paste can help prevent entering the data incorrectly.

If you see the following message box below, you did not click and choose your registration code.

To update your username password, click Update Password, and enter your new one.

Delete Cookies will log you out of that session which can help if you are seeing login errors.

Reset User Data will reset all your username data for the chosen account. If you are experiencing database
errors random crashing, resetting the user data will often correct the issue. You'd need to add all data back to the account.

Optimize Data is to clean and optimize the database files used by the accounts. It can be helpful for some accounts that have large lists,
amounts of followers or following, and for accounts with a longer history of using Follow Adder.

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