Before starting with Follow Adder the first thing to do is create your lists. It's setup to be versatile where you can have lists to follow, lists to comment, lists to direct message, etc.

Photo lists must be created before you can add photo searches. Photo lists are used to Like & Comment. They can also be used to find users who you want to use to create new searches, based on users who have liked or commented on them, or to scrape/search their comments.

It is recommended to create different lists for each use, named appropriately (ex: "Photos to like")

Alt-Click or Right-Click on your list brings you to a menu to manage the list.

You can also re-name, delete the lists, export, import, clear and manage individual accounts in the list.

Alt-Click or Right-Click on an photo in your list brings you to the menu to visit the photo on Instagram, preform photo searches from that photo or copy details from the photo.

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