The overview screen is your overview dashboard for all accounts added to Follow Adder.

Overview, Main overview of all usernames
Accounts, To select an account or username
Registration, Where your registration code (software license) is entered, Instagram accounts are entered, Follow Adder subscription management, and other options.
Settings, Main Follow Adder settings
Activity Log, A log of all Follow Adder activity from when the program starts. The log is cleared each time you close the software.
The log is very helpful when troubleshooting what is happening with an account or during errors.
Help, A complete Userguide for Follow Adder.

Username is each of your Instagram usernames added.
User ID is the Instagram ID for the corresponding username.
Posts is the number of posts that account as posted.
Followers is the total number of followers per account.
Following is the total number of accounts being followed by that username.
Private is showing if your Instagram privacy is set to private or public.
Status shows if your username is ready to use or not. Ready means it's ready to use.
"Action Required" - either the password has been reset or Instagram is requiring you to phone verify your account.
The status column also shows progress of following/unfollowing: For example: Updating (54%) etc.

To get into your username, Double-Click the username, or click accounts then the username to view.

To turn on your username automation, click your username and Automation On at the bottom of the screen.

You can Alt-Click or Right-Click on each username which shows:
Copy Username
Copy User ID
Copy Posts
Copy Followers
Copy Following
Copy Private
Copy Status

At the bottom of the overview screen is Activity: This is the current activity Follow Adder is preforming, which is also logged in your Activity Log.

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