Before starting with Follow Adder the first thing to do is create your lists. It's setup to be versatile where you can have lists to follow, lists to comment, lists to direct message, etc.

My Photos Lists are used for Sharing Photos, Thank You DMs, and Other DMs.

It is recommended to create different lists for each use, named appropriately (ex: "Thank You DM Photos")

Photos that are used for "Sharing" are removed from the list after they are used since it is not generally good to post the same images over and over. However, photos used in DMs are not removed, since they can be used multiple times.

Alt-Click or Right-Click on your list brings you to a menu to manage the list.

To Add A Photo: Create your list, choose the list to add a photo to, click Add Photo, click browser to find the photo or drag the photo into the gray box, type your photo caption and add Emoji icons if wanted. Then click save.

You can also edit photo captions, remove individual photos, clear the list, or export the list.

Choose an Emoji to share with your Photos!

To re-name a list, choose the list to be re-named, click rename list, enter the new name and click okay.

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