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Version 3.0 Build #200922 09-25-2020

  Version 3.0 Build #200922 Fixed issue ‘user not found’ issue some users had when adding a new user to FollowAdder Fixed OSX issue...


Version 3.0 Build #200905 9-5-2020

  Version 3.0 Build #200905 -Fixed issue with number selector limits not working correctly -Optimized some web request methods  


Version 3.0 Build #200820 Updated 8-20-2020

Version 3.0 Build #200820 Major behind the scenes update – updated back end to work with latest changes to the Instagram platform. Fixed issues...


Version 2.3 Build #190812 Updated 8-19-2019

Upgraded code to 64 bit for Windows, OSX and Linux. Windows XP, Vista, and other 32bit operating systems are no longer supported. Per day...

Followadder 2 September 18, 2017 – Version 2 Build #170918

  Version 2 Build #170918 Greatly improved performance, especially for users with large profiles or multiple profiles. Added automated search method for finding users...


Build #170511 May 11, 2017

Build #170511 -Added option on main settings page to enable/disable user database backups -Added option on main settings page to change the location of...


Build #170508 May 5, 2017

  Build #170508 -FollowAdder will no longer turn off an account because of an Internet connection issue. It will retry the action up to...


Build #161103 11-3-2016 Bug Fixes

  Improved add user function to reduce the chance of errors Fixed issue with User Search (Photo Commenters) FollowAdder for Instagram Downloads OS X...

Build #160818 August 18 2016

Build #160818 Security update, ensures all connections now use SSL. Fixed error/crash that could happen with location search under some circumstances Fixed issue with...


7 Ways to Win Using Instagram – Increase your Instagram Follows

7 Ways To Win Using Instagram Comment, Like, Like, Comment Of course these do not need to be done in this exact order. However...